Raising money never tasted so good!

If you are looking for a way to raise money for your middle school you may want to consider fudge fundraising ideas. When you choose a fudge fundraiser for your middle school you will find that the product tastes so good and is loved by so many people that it is easy to sell. When a product is easy to sell your middle school ends up earning a lot of money.

Fudge Joe Fundraising offers a unique fudge fundraising opportunity. You will find that we have six different types of tasty hand-made high quality fudge for people to choose from. We literally have something for everyone. Our most popular, of course, are the traditional ones like dark chocolate fudge, with nuts or without nuts. But we also offer some unique flavors like pecan pie, Vermont maple, cookies and cream, and peanut butter swirl. Our fudge fundraising flavors can’t be beat, or resisted!

What’s more is that our fudge fundraising ideas have been completely turned into an easy program for middle schools like yours. We have perfected the process so you are able to focus on fudge fundraising without any hassles. Fudge Joe Fundraising offers a program that is easy to get started, simple to maintain, and helps you earn a lot of money. It also ensures people will get a product they love!

Call us today at 877-341-2332 so that we can help you get your middle school fudge fundraiser started. Before you know it you will be selling tasty fudge and earning lots of cash for your middle school!


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Quick Start Program
No minimum orders
Full color glossy order forms
No hassle delivery
Online Order Entry
Free Shipping (only $20 processing fee)
No start up costs / low processing fee
Consumable product.
No Refrigeration Required
Three month shelf life
Can accommodate ongoing sales/reorders
Big profits for your organization




We can have your fundraiser started in just a few days.
Eliminates organizations risk of over ordering
Professional and easy to track product sales
Easy parent pick-up
Easy to place orders
Perfect fundraiser for small & large groups
Lowers cost and increases profit
Easier sell/increases re-orders
Easy to handle and distribute
NO spoiled product
Happy Customers
Increase profits
Highly profitable product

Fudge Fundraising by Fudge Joe, Best Fudge on Earth !

Making your Middle School Fundraiser a Big Success
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